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Marketing androgynous clothing: language choice

When I started developing the line I hope to launch to launch next fall, it had a target audience of exactly one–me–so, by default, it was a womenswear line. (Edited to add on 7/16/13: It’s happening! It’s called Scout’s Honor … Continue reading

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In the works: carpenter jeans. More tees. Plaid button-downs. And maybe a dress!

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Found! Tomboy / androgynous / genderqueer clothing upstarts

Update, 7/17/13: Now I can add my own to the list! I’m starting a line of clothing for tomboys called Scout’s Honor Clothing Co. I hope you love it as much as I do. Lesson of the week: Google is … Continue reading

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Where do tomboys shop?

I’m taking a class called Creating a Garment Business, which I’m really excited about, because, um, I’d like to create a garment business. For our first assignment, we had to do an overview of a product line we’d like to … Continue reading

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Jeans! (part 3), AAARGH edition

Jeans! (Part 1) Jeans! (Part 2) Well, this third pair of jeans did not turn out quite how I’d intended. They’re a little odd, but they’re growing on me. The plan was to take the current colored-denim trend and make … Continue reading

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A dress I designed is available on ModCloth!

(Okay, as of this writing, it’s not available quite yet. August 15th! Steel yourself!) So, one of the most exciting things that happened to me this year (right up there with being invited to, and attending, an amazing writers’ retreat … Continue reading

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