I’m a writer who’s been pursuing a career in education for the last few years, because that’s What Writers Do in order to support themselves and be around other writers. But at some point, I realized I was competing against hundreds of people who were much more excited about, and naturally skilled at, teaching than I was, or am. I started to wonder why I’d entered the race in the first place.

Ever since high school, I’ve wanted to study fashion and design clothes, but somewhere along the road I fell under the misconception that smart girls don’t go to fashion school. So I studied English, English and more English. I got all the degrees you can get in English without selling your soul to the dissertation gods. I worked some stepping-stone jobs. My employment situation changed, and changed again. What matters is this: As of January, 2012, I am a student of Fashion Design as City College of San Francisco (where I also happen to work, but that’s another story).

This is a blog about switching course and working to achieve my goals, even as those goals keep changing. As I write this (Aug 2012), I hope it will become a blog about starting my own line, and later opening my own store. Then again, so much has changed since January that I can’t promise I won’t be aiming for something totally different another seven months from now.

That’s the short version of how I got here. If you want to know the long version, read Making the Suit.

If you want to know more about me as a writer, visit my author page.


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