Menswear-style shirts out of Australia!

Warning: numbers ahead.

A couple weeks ago, DapperQ posted about another new designer doing menswear-style shirts cut for women. They’re called Kreuzbach 10, and they’re in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign that ends Nov 14th. Interestingly, the DapperQ promotion didn’t seem to have much of an effect–their funding had been hovering around stalled around $900 ever since I read the DapperQ post. But in the last couple days, they’ve raised another $2500 (ETA the next morning: more like $3500!). From doing a little googling, it looks like it had a lot to do with massive tumblr reposts over that same period (beginning early Nov 5?). I am endlessly fascinated by the potential snowball effect of sites like tumblr, especially considering that the designer behind Kruezbach 10 probably put a lot of effort into targeting press releases to places like DapperQ, only to get vastly higher returns on a tumblr post she may not have even directly solicited. I don’t know. I mean, I’d be grateful, of course, but I think I’d also be frustrated by how little control I had over the situation. Is it possible to affect the chaotic but potentially viral nature of social media, to put the pieces in place so that a piece of information is likely to gain wide exposure, without being evil? I’m not saying I think Kruezbach 10 did anything evil–quite the opposite. But is their success over the last couple days, after three weeks of very little activity, luck or strategy? And if it was luck, is there something to be learned from that luck?

As of this writing on Tuesday evening, what I’m pretty sure is the original tumblr post has about 3700 “notes”–a combination of “likes” and reblogs. So, 3700 people have engaged, however briefly, with this post over the last day and a half, two days. Over that same time span, Kruezbach 10’s campaign has had just over 50 new funders. Obviously, some may have been referred from places other than tumblr, but I know tumblr had a lot to do with it. Let’s pretend all 50 came from tumblr. That’s about 1.4% of the people who “liked” or reblogged the post. I have no idea what to make of this number, whether it’s a good number or an extraordinary number or a ‘meh’ number, or how to match it or even exceed it (though I do believe step 1 is “create awesome clothes”) but it’s exciting and something to chew on these next few months while I hatch my plans.

In the meantime, go fund Kruezbach 10!

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