One month in

That title was supposed to refer to being one month in to this semester, but I’m also about a month in to this blog, and already I’m not keeping up. For the last week I’ve been fiddling with a post about being bummed that my dress got a one-star review. It was a single one-star review amidst four- and even more five-stars, and my post was ultimately about being mindful and allowing myself to feel irrationally sad, angry and annoyed about the review so that I can then let it go. But even though the point of that post was not ultimately to complain, I decided it was still too negative.

So, hello, blank page. Here is what I have been doing in school so far this year.

In Apparel Construction I, we’ve been sewing lines on squares and joining squares together with various seams. It is tedious but good for me.


In Creating a Garment Business, we gave elevator pitches last week, and my teacher said I “knocked it out of the ballpark.” Woohoo. He also said I should talk from my diaphragm and not from my throat. This will be hard. While I don’t talk this way intentionally, I know it’s part of a role I’ve been cultivating for years, decades even: small and non-threatening, yet surprisingly observant and opinionated. The idea is to lure you in with my apparent insecurity, then knock you out with my insights. But I guess this teacher doesn’t buy it. Alas. Diaphragm!

In Digital Illustration for Fashion, we are learning to make flats. I drew this silly shirt.

yay learning

My friend S is in two of my classes, and just this week my friend R joined one of the classes. I’m excited but nervous about this, worried it will impact my ability to be a serious student, especially since these are lab classes. If I were on my own, I would probably do things a million times until they were perfect, as opposed to doing them until they’re good enough and then leaving to get a sandwich. So I either need to learn to say no to socializing–so hard!–or be content with good enough.

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2 Responses to One month in

  1. tsotse says:

    Clare…you might not want to hear this. Your grandmother myers was a wonderful seamstress…but, she was a perfectionist. Every seam had to be perfect…if she was doing some fabric with a pattern or plaid…it had to match perfectly. I found two outfits she made for me when I was a baby…a pinafore and an apron. she sewed them on a treadle machine and I know she basted every seam. I am enjoying seeing your creations…they look great to me.

    • Haha, no, I’m happy to hear that. Just another way I’ll never live up to her standards! Those sound like wonderful treasures. I have a picture on my fridge of myself in a very ruffly, very pink Easter dress my mom made me…but I’m pretty sure it went off to a thrift store years ago.

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